Pomegranate Complex

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With its many beneficial compounds and antioxidants, Pomegranate is widely considered as a highly nutritious fruit. Research suggests that it can provide a variety of health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Our supplement is made with pure Pomegranate; try it today!



  • Natural and pure Pomegranate supplement for men and women – powerful antioxidant that can help boost your immune system and fight against the symptoms of ill health
  • Pomegranate may help lower cholesterol in general but specifically LDL cholesterol – Our pomegranate extract capsules are more potent then average pomegranate oil powder or liquid formulas
  • These potent supplements for men and women can also be used as a male enhancement capsule to improve libido – these are natural male enhancement pills
  • Large 500 mg serving of Pomegranate provides more than enough punicalagins and punicic acid – better than Pomegranate juice for delivering benefits to the body
  • Helps to improve cardiovascular health and protect against illness and symptoms of a poor heart


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