Revitalizing Sleep Formula

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If you’re tired of tossing and turning in bed, and want to give your body the precious rest it needs, then enjoy peaceful, uninterrupted sleep with our natural revitalizing Sleep Formula. Get your body’s internal clock back to a normal rhythm by using this herbal supplement.



  • SLEEP BETTER – Natural support for your biological clock – if you can’t sleep or want to sleep faster – this is the organic way to hit your pillow – induce sleepiness + and drift off into REM cycle
  • ENERGY + WEIGHT LOSS – Premium capsules help men + women with fatigue get rest + wake up refreshed not tired – vegetarian + 100% pure – more energy means higher metabolism + calorie burn
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Veggie caps stacked full of extracts induce deep sleep – 200 mg magnesium + 2 mg melatonin dr recommended + 5 HTP – L Theanine – GABA – Phellodendron Root – Mucuna Pruriens
  • BENEFITS BEYOND REST – Not just deeper sleep – 5 HTP promotes weight loss + can suppress appetite + improve mood by increasing serotonin production – relax + unwind to reduce stress at bedtime
  • NON ADDICTIVE – Use for occasional sleeplessness to get energized + fight fatigue – standardized extracts have sedative effect – easier + simpler than sleep machines – faster than teas + drinks


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